LITER OF LIGHT - low-cost light tube using bottel , water & sunlight

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low-cost light tube using bottel , water & sunlight



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Liter of Light is a global, grassroots movement that uses inexpensive, readily available materials to provide high quality solar lighting to people with limited or no access to electricity.
The Liter of Light is both a day and night solution that provides passive daylight as well as solar nightlights such as lanterns, house lights, and streetlights. The solar bottle bulb is a simple device consisting of a 1.5–2 litre plastic bottle filled with water plus a little bleach to inhibit algal growth and fitted into a hole in a roof to refract sunlight. The device functions like a deck prism: during daytime the water inside the bottle refracts sunlight, delivering about as much light as a 40–60 watt incandescent bulb to the inside of the house. One solar bottle bulb helps prevent carbon emissions of up to 200 kilos and can keep working for as long as five years

Donate them for making this word more colourful to peoples who are in dark......



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If you want to know where we're headed. Check out the travel stops here from LITER OF LIGHT
They are partnering with a number of schools to spread the light this November.
Through hands-on workshops, that they will teach students how to assemble their own solar lights and introduce them to the field of sustainable energy.

If you're in the area, join them.


Thanks for updated information.

For sure these kinds of projects should be donated. They are really important for energy sources. I hope it will be successful. Thanks for sharing.

WOW What an innovative idea it is? I'm shocked that what a creativity in this bottle. Really, technology is growing day by day rapidly. Solar Lights are now in trending everywhere. It is a very good way to use Sun Energy instead of Expensive Electricity.


  • Day and night solution
  • Solar energy
  • fivers lifespan


  • nothing


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Very good idea, I can practice it very early, I like these kind of ideas that help the environment.

Excellent idea, this should reach all the communities required of low recuersos, hopefully you can expand this achievement .. I congratulate you