BitStream : Live Streaming - The Best steaming application in Android Phones

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BitStream : Live Streaming

The Best steaming application in Android Phones


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Hunter's comment

Hello Gamers and Streamers, This is the best Android Live Streaming Application (OBS) and also Dlive Recommended it.

You can Live Stream in Youtube, Twitch, RTMP and Google Cast. (If you stream in Dlive, use the RTMP)

BitStream have a hardware-accelerated video encoding to prolong battery life and this is the way to save battery while Streaming.

Automatic adjust the Camera Source Resolution to stream Resolution and Screen Brightness to make your Stream will go on.

Here are the Features :

  • Multiple RTMP generic streaming up to 4K@60 fps (if device supports it); publish to Facebook Live, Wowza, Nginx, Red5, FMS, and any other service.

  • Twitch up to 1080p @ 60 fps, real-time chat and Chat Head, emotes, server picker, status editor.

  • YouTube Live up to 2160p @ 60 fps, Live Chat, Moderation, Slate; create, resume, edit active/ended Events; view SuperChat, Sponsors; authenticate as a Page, etc.

  • Switch cameras / screen without stopping

  • Share a single encoder for multiple RTMP sessions, record it in FLV/MP4, broadcast it to local network via HTTP or to a Google Cast target such as Chromecast or Android TV.

  • Adaptive bitrate: video quality is decreased on slow networks instead of dropping frames.

  • HTTP stream on your local network as FLV (low-latency), fragmented MP4 (plays in Chrome / Firefox / VLC...), and even DASH.

And you can watch in Youtube how BitStream worked :



Hunter: @jepoyasinas

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