GeoEth - A geography guessing game on the Ethereum blockchain

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A geography guessing game on the Ethereum blockchain



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How good are you with geography? Here is a chance for you to show your skills and get rewarded with some Eth.

Each play takes 50 secs and the winner takes all the stake by the two players.

Let's see how good you are in geography


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It is one of the interesting betting game. All of those games on Blockchain are quite enjoyable for me


Thanks for using @edensgarden!

I got A1 back then in geography....lemme put it to good use, lol.

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GeoEth is a competitive geo guessing game powered by Ethereum. The game pits two people against each other in a match of wits and geographic knowledge.

Each game is quick, lasting only 60 seconds, and the winner is rewarded the other player's deposit. Put your knowledge to the test and challenge your friends today in this innovative and addictive dApp.

@jeaniepearl Hello dear friend, congratulations on the game platform that you have found.
I really like the theme of the game, I have not seen many games of this nature, advinanzas are very fun, this game is great, not only have fun, you can also earn money while you have a good time.
Thank you very much for bringing this play to our platform
I wish you a happy hunting dear friend

Hmm this looks interesting! I’m going to try to win some crypto off this! Thanks for the Hunt.

dApps like this one is the joy of blockchain Technology. It should be a reflection of a traditional community without the ills.

A game like this, though betting is always welcome. But I like the hunt because I am naturally interested in any topic relating to geography.

This will improve the knowledge of people relating to geography, I wanted to say kids then I remember it is a betting game.

Welldone @jeaniepearl.

As a geography student, to me, this is the best platform to learn more because I get to earn too. With that, there is a motivation to even learn.

Me I don't even care if I am good in geography or not, i would play the game.. Lol

Nice hunt

That's cool and unique game based ETH that's offer for everyone join and test their knowledge about geography. I am not like about geography lesson but I think it's different knowledge game based ETH blockchain that makes us more smart and increased our knowledge in geography


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