Leica SOFORT - Leica's first instant camera

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Leica's first instant camera



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The SOFORT is Leica's first affordable instant camera. Measuring 124mm x 94mm x 58mm, the Sofort can capture up to 10 frames and includes special exposure settings for macro, bulb, automatic, self-timer, party and people, sport and action, double exposure, and selfie.

Alongside the models in white and mint, the Leica Sofort is now available in matte black.

The Leica Sofort features an Automatik-Hektor 1:12,7/60 mm lens with f/12.7 aperture, the camera can capture up to 10 62 x 46mm frames in color or monochrome before replacing its film, with an Instax-mini format and ISO 800. The 740mAh battery can take up to 100 pictures.

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It's a nice camera for those who love taking pictures. The design is beautiful and it's great feature is that it takes 10 frames. I would like the mint model!

Yeah, matte black or mint for me. =)

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Technology is very good us. Everyday new product coming in front of us and they are awesome. one of them camera. How do you want to take picture you can. It is good product.



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Wow this is great. Now they are competing with GoPro.

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I noticed this instant camera a few weeks back, leica is always cool. Yet one small flaw I find in this camera is it only support auto mode, not so leica.
Nice hunt though.

I like this instant camera because I believe Leica's technologies and design. Great hunt!

Leica sofort is first instant camera it will take more frames. It has special expors setting,macro bulb automatic etc It has color of this camera. Good hunt.

I am interested in photography and I have a camera ,I am glad of it but I checked Leica Sofort's features and it has everything you need. Perfect hunt.

Leica sofort is first instant camera it will take more frames. It has special expors setting,macro bulb automatic etc It has color of this camera. Good hunt.

Great Hunt @jdrincs. From this awesome camera, you can capture your historical moment. I wait for your next great hunt.


Very cool! I love instant cameras but film is so expensive!

Very cool! I love
Instant cameras but film
Is so expensive!

                 - psychi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yeah, I agree. I guess you need to make every shot count.

A camera suitable for the price. These features are beautiful. Includes self-timer, party and people, sport and action, double exposure and custom exposure settings for selfie. Lightweight and stylish design. Thanks for sharing.

I definitely think there's a space for this in the market.

It's a fun little camera, from a good brand, and will probably appeal to different generations; older (like me) who remember Polaroid's instant cameras, and younger, who'll love the instant prints it allows.

Not sure on the pricing, but if they're smart, it will be affordable for the camera, then they can make the money on the films.

It is good to see Leica Sofort's first instant camera, I have a good camera but Leica's features are good, too. Thanks for sharing.

I think its a great camera to captured all your memories while you travelling...

Great hunt

This is a beautifull camera in your hunt . Your hunt is really amazing because everyone want that he took his picture very beautifull . I hope this camera can do it.

In technology most important is camera because people what they do puting in the social media. I like this product. If camera pixcels are not good pictures were bad.

It's a product that creates value by brand alone, and the result of the picture is the most important, but it's also attractive because it's 'Leica'

She's very pretty <3 I love it but I don't want to buy one for myself

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  • Photographic Camera
  • Compact body with menu navigations
  • 3 Zone manual focus system
  • Built-in electronic flash (Auto/Manual)


  • None

hello @jdrincs, Thank you for sharing this information, you brought many memories to my mind, I have many photos taken with instant cameras from when I was a child.