SnapCalorie - Calorie tracking with a single photo

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Calorie tracking with a single photo



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SnapCalorie is an app where you can take a photo of any meal and get an accurate calorie count. Created by the co-founder of Google Lens, logging a meal with SnapCalorie takes seconds and on average is more accurate than a trained nutritionist.


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This will help everyone to eat a better meal with good calories .

Super, super, super it's really incredible that with a scanner we can contact the calories, I loved it, thanks

A good Calorie tracking app with a single photo.

excellent hunting ..! thanks for sharing it with us..! Congratulations

I imagine this is great when you are in restaurants and don't want to individually identify everything on the plate. you just want to know the total calories.

good hunt.. thanks

Great hunt! Thanks for showing them to us, without a doubt it will be very helpful for everyone.


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