NeverWet - Spray-on Coating That Repels Water

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Spray-on Coating That Repels Water



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Dear hunting friends in this opportunity, I want to introduce you to this innovation that will leave you surprised. It is a product that has the ability to repel water and other heavy oils such as sauces and sodas, etc.

It's really fantastic, it seems something done by magic. Its price is comfortable and can be used on many other surfaces.



Hunter: @jccr

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Pretty kool. I can think of countless uses for this product that would behoove many in different facets of life. Wouldn't be a bad idea to keep some of this product handy. Nice hunt!

Excellent Hunt! Stain-free clothes that repels water and other oily things like sauce and soda interesting hunt it will be useful for anyone and especially for kids. Bye the way great hunt you shared Thanks for sharing and good luck with your hunt

Some time ago I saw a version that came in as a shirt. Now this product goes further by allowing other material to be transformed into hydrophobic material. The best part is that you can apply this almost anywhere instead of just some clothes. You can practically have self cleaning walls. This can also get super helpful when it comes to protecting electronics.

Glad to come across this. Happy Hunting!

Really this product is magical hahahah, it is quite useful for clumsy people like me. It is also very useful for people who constantly work in the kitchen. Good hunting.

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wow water repellent clothes means super ease now we can move in rain without umbrella pretty cool in addition it wont caught much stains too so we don't need to wash them often. Excellent Hunt

Great hunt
This is an amazing stuff which repel different kind of liquids and always remain neat and clean. This can make us worry free from stains.

Wow amazing spray and very useful. can I spray this on my car, my car windows, and my personal documents? Is it only for clothes or we can use it on anything?

It's really fantastic, the best thing is that it not only repels water but all kinds of liquids that can stain clothes, so it's a flannel that will last a long time. Good hunt!

Thanks for share this hunt!

Cool stuff! I was fascinated the first time I saw those videos on Youtube, I've been meaning to test NeverWet myself ever since. And now it looks like this spray is finally available in the local stores. Thank you for sharing and reminding me about this great product! :)

Nice hunt @jccr!

This stuff is awesome! I've just been watching a video with some crazy and cool things that you can do with the 'NeverWet' coating.

I wonder if I sprayed it on my car, would I never have to clean it again?

Now, there's a thought!

This is fantastic, Spray this on a towel and watch people struggle. It would be fun. what would happen if I put that product on me and I went to the swimming pool??? Just Imagine. This is the best hunt of today in my opinion. Great hunt bro

lols! This looks magical. This would be a lovely cloth to wear during the rain. But how do we wash it if it cannot absorb water? 😀

We saw several products on steemhunt with same feature and I think most of us loves such products. You will be clean with such things and never get wet.

Excellent hunting, it seems a good option for people who are dedicated to preparing food, which always tend to get dirty and this looks bad, This product has the ability to repel water and other heavy oils such as sauces and sodas, etc, by so they will not have problems in getting dirty. Besides, its price is quite accessible, and it can be used in several surfaces.

Favorite hunt for the day I must say!! Sometimes it is very embarrassing when you have water/oil spilled on you. I guess with this innovation, I would be rest assured when it comes to having stains from some certain elements

Nice hunt

What a hunt!! Thank you it's great... I live in france, it rains most of the year, it will be better if i had clothes that repel water...


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