LOTUS C-01 - new light motorcycle

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new light motorcycle



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Hunter's comment

With a beautiful design worthy of admiration,
It incorporates a powerful motor. Able to develop a great speed, an incomparable suspension that will take you everywhere comfortably.

Its chassis is built with the best alloys. What makes it very resistant and easy to maintain also makes it very light.

I assure you that you will steal many looks with her.




Hunter: @jccr


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Holy shit it looks cool. After all this site is about cool stuff. It can reach incredible speed and its resistant and durable. Keep it up :)

Wow, I fell in love with this road monster. Its design is great and also features are perfect. Awesome hunt.

Cool hunt mate.

  • Stylish.
  • light weight.
  • easy to drive
  • affordable


  • nops.

It's cool looking, stylish, fast.
That glow at night will help people to recognize this bike, so it will reduce the chance to get accident.
The price is quite amazing too($137k).

It left me with my mouth open. This motorcycle is too furious and with a 200 horsepower engine. good hunting


  • very impressive futuristic design with great safety features as well. Aha effect guaranteed.
  • the price is quite heavy and its not everywhere available


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