Ironhand - World's first soft robotic muscle strengthening system

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World's first soft robotic muscle strengthening system



Hunter's comment

Hello, hunter, sometimes we feel that we do not have the strength to comply with our daily work routine.

I present to Ironhand the world's first soft robotic muscle strengthening system.

Based on great technology, it focuses on giving strength to the user's grip and mitigating the lack of resistance. It can be used in the area of ​​industries, such as manufacturing, construction and storage.

You also have the possibility to collect data to avoid future injuries.



Hunter: @jccr

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I didn't read the last line of the comment that this product is normally used in industrial areas before voting this hunt. Well, this is very good to strengthen the muscles when you feel week and want such robotic things.

Basically I'm seeing a low grade exoskeleton turned into a comfortable looking glove. I'm not a person who is into any form of strength training or exercise and I always believed (even as a kid) that someday there will be technology to take care of that. I'm glad to see my childhood Arthur C. Clarke-ish claims come to life.

The product looks easy to use and it is nice to see that they have already won some awards. I can't find a price. Preferably it is not too high.

Workers often experience problems when having to lift heavy objects. Ironhand can handle it so the work will be easier and faster.

From time to time we do not have the power to do challenging jobs, especially for construction workers and heavy lifting people is a quality hunt. That's why I've supported it because I found it different from other hunt . I don't have video support in its hunt, I would like to remind you that using video support in all its very important for product promotion.

Wow, this would be an ideal tool to build, repair and fix. I love it. Having one of those I would go out on the street shouting: "I HAVE SUPER POWERS!" hahaha. Great hunt!

Augmenting muscular strength degraded by age or disease will help people live more productive lives with a greater sense of confidence. This design is also more user friendly than emerging versions built with metallic frames and hydraulic tubes.

These types of amazing invention attract me toward them this is so cool I love robot and robotic thing this help us very much it can provide extra power to us thanks for your sharing.

Humans are soon going to have superhuman strength. Exoskeletans and exosuits will be commonplace in a few years. This is going to enable people to lift weights that far exceed their body weight.

Technology is affecting things everywhere you look. Failing to pay attention to it is a mistake.

It really is a good hunting, there are moments at work where my strength is no longer the same. This would make my life easier and also be able to monitor for short or long term injuries. Good hunting


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I can't believe how far along exoskeletons have come! Imagine in the future when you can buy a whole suit that makes u run faster, jump higher and have super human strength... oh how the world will change.. great hunt 😀👍

I am going to get one and go out and fight crime

@jccr as usual great hunts. This can help alleviate work exhaustion by boosting the strength of the user using robot tech.