Emineo - Shape Shifting Robotic Mannequin

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Shape Shifting Robotic Mannequin



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Hello, hunter, I present to you Emineo, a fantastic and amazing mannequin that can acquire form and weight in less than 30 seconds, that is, it can increase the size of the waist, the shoulders of the chest and even the height. It is surprising and excellent.

It can be used by sewing professionals, doctors and other artists.




Hunter: @jccr


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Wow this is great! Usually designers or sewing specialist had to own a ton of mannequins for every size to perfectly fit their designs. With this there is only the need for one or just a few giving place for more than one design at a time. I'm not sure about the need of this for doctors except some sort of "what would you look with a few kilos more or less" but yeah not a real use-case for me personally.

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This one is quite unique robot. Never seen one like this which actually inflates to changes its shape. This also reminds me of the movie Big Hero 6 where the robot was similar to the one you have hunted here.
Anyways, nice hunt!


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