Altoz TRX - 0-Turn Track Mower

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Altoz TRX

0-Turn Track Mower



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On this occasion, I told them that I could not stop publishing an incredible lawnmower for highly irregular terrain, it's fantastic. It has a high technology system that allows you to reach where a traditional lawnmower has never arrived. it integrates an adjustable seat to the size of the user in the same way that it can adjust the armrests for greater comfort.



Hunter: @jccr

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I have always wanted a mower with no much man power and this has answered that. With this, we can easily sit comfortable and mow with ease. This will make those not interesting in mowing change their mind as it is as simple as driving a car.

Will there be additional attachments , like a snow blower or a soft or better yet a hard cab to make the most use of the unit in winter .

If you hate mowing.The Altoz Trx will surely change your mind.I for one will look for any opportunity to literally take it for a spin. Great hunt @jccr

This is what is called technology. I am always marveled by what science has given us. Imagine riding a mower to do your normal work with the stress of walking from one place to another. This will definitely make mowing a nice thing to do.

It is very nice and useful lawn mover because it can turn around quickly and easily can work on the places where ordinary lawn mover cannot work. New invention and an amazing hunt.

This mower took it to next level and there isn't a thing you cannot do to it.
I would do races with such mowers.

I really like ND do appreciate the fact that the arm rest can be adjusted to make the user more comfortable.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all.
I really loved this hunt and it was a great idea

OMG I can hear the senior citizens in my TRX complaining already!! That HUGE tank mower is tearing up my perfect grass!! They already complain about my zero turns, this would just be a field day for them. No thanks. only place where i se this being practical is if you have big city contracts mowing huge drainage slopes other than that it just looks like a giant grass de-rooter


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