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RE: Alcatel 1T 10" Tablet - Lightweight design tablet

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"Thank you for posting on Steemhunt!
However, your post has been delisted on Steemhunt because it does not meet the following posting guidelines.

Moderator Comment
Hi Hunter,

there has been a Alcatel Tablet (7") hunted already.

We allow only one main product from a brand in that category so we can avoid the flooding of too similar products.
Thanks for your understanding.

"10. Post Only Main Products

When it comes to a maker/brand, they usually have main and sub product. Steemhunt allows only the main product lines from the maker. For example, you cannot post an iPad Smart Cover because it is not from its main product line. However, you may be able to post an innovative iPad Smart Cover from a renowned accessory brand like Belkin because it is the brand's main product line (but in this case your product may not be under ""cool product"" in section 7)."

Please read our Posting Guideline here, you can appeal in our Discord Channel. Find the #mod-jayplayco Channel and always add your STEEMHUNT link for questions. Thanks"""


I didn't know this rule sorry for that, thanks for your time now i know something more @jayplayco

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