Kidmate - Smart Educational Robot for Kids

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Smart Educational Robot for Kids



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Kidmate is a very smart robot designed for growing up children. It helps the kid learn faster since the child will see it as a toy. It has the ability to interact with the child one on one, and teaches the child basic arithmetic & english, logic & cognitive skills through responsive audio answers. Kidmate has a mobile app for better interaction with your kid. The mobile app is available to both Android and iOS users.



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I have approved it :)

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Incredible innovation and certainly helps to engage the kids to perform more physical activities and will keep them away from smart phones and consoles which is good for their health. Great Hunt

Lovely bot to assist children in learning easily and have fun. It even has an app to provide better interaction for the kids.

This robot looks like a fun way to learn if you're a kid as long as parents don't try to use it as a substitute for human interaction.

Robots are the most helpful technological tools for people. Robots produced especially for children are very useful and useful. This robot is one of them.

Artificial intelligence is already a big help in the field of education. Many schools right now are using this technology already. I am so happy reading this hunt. Amazed by how robots can help our children. However, as a teacher, I always believe that personal-human-interaction is also helpful in developing the holistic emotional and intellectual capability of our children.

This is cool and I must say, this can be a very good complimentary material in teaching our children the basic arithmetic, english, etc. But can never replace the parent, teachers, and friends social-learning interaction.

We all know that the first years of our children's lives can be very important for them to acquire knowledge that will help them perform in the future. This small toy can help you with that knowledge you must give your children, has a design that will keep them entertained playing and learning.

I didn’t have the opportunity to have such a useful product for my early education and it give me more reasons to know that this generation is lucky to have this

Kidmate is a smart educational robot for kids. Works on iOS and Android. This robot has the ability to interact with a child. Teaches the child arithmetic and English.

This looks a very impressed idea ..... I will look forward for the types of this robot can help on the kids growing up .anyway thanks for this hunt

This robot is surely best for teaching purpose. Kids love toys and this robot is like toys. They can play with it and learn many things with it.

Children are the future of a society and the parents of the parents. Their education is very important. So this robot will help them a lot.

It is very beautifull robot it can give our childs education . Specially kids are very intrested in this type of product

looks like the educational bots are no longer huntable, wondering where you got this one


Had to look deeper.

정보가 너무 부족해요. 더 상세한 내용은 홈페이지 들어가봐야 있군요.


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