Phone Floaty - A life Jacket for Your Waterproof Smartphone

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Phone Floaty

A life Jacket for Your Waterproof Smartphone


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This is the best time of the human history if we talk about TECHNOLOGY. Every single day we get some latest news regarding technology and people like me who love technology appreciate them.
Today I was in search of some unique thing and suddenly I noticed this superb gadget.
This is called phone Floaty and it is used with WaterProof smartphones. If you have a smartphone which is waterproof and suddenly it slips from your hand and fell into water. You are worry about it because if water is deep then it is almost impossible to search it. But now you don't need to worry after getting Phone Floaty. Just paste it at backside of your phone and you have all done. Now it will work like LIFE JACKET for your phone.

For More Details Please Click This Link Ad Watch The Video:


Super early Bird: AU$ 10



Hunter: @jawad09

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  • Your phone will float.


  • The floaty is not waterproof, so your phone will need to be waterproof for this floaty to have any value for you.

Wow! It's really a life Jacket
when your phone dropped in the water and when swimming, fishing or doing many other water activities. It's prevent your phone from sinking.

waoo great hunt Phone Floaty is a great Innovation of technology .Phone Floaty will be provided double protection and smartphone fall in water is a big problem now we can use Phone Floaty to save our smart phone from water.

Everyday advance technology is coming & i love technology & Phone Floaty is unique and new product in the market .
we can use Phone Floaty for saving our phone from water & our mobile fall in water with Phone Floaty our mobile will be save from water ,its great

life Jacket for our Smartphone is necessary & i can call Phone Floaty is best product for saving our smartphone .Phone Floaty will be protected our phone from water if our smart phone fall in water .

I badly need this one, i do have a s6 before, and it fell to the water and it is not working anymore. This product make your phone float, and surely it will save your phone's life.

It's a wonderful idea. It looks simple and useful. I think everyone has a expirence to drop their phone into the water. It's very useful for everyone. Thank you for sharing.

You found what you were looking for :) Excellent gadget for smartphones! Great hunt! :)

A good helper product for old technology smartphones. They make it waterproof. You've found a unique product. Nice hunt.

The most terrifying scenario is that your smartphone is slipping and drowning from your lynch. If your phoe has no waterproof feature and you drop it, your phone will be a garbage. This product provides a complete solution for such situations. Cool hunt and thanks.

Lol, Sure, Why not save your drowning phone. Life saver kind of a product. Very sure it will come in handy for those who bath with their phones.

Thank God I never dropped my mobile phone into water but Phone Floaty will be very useful for some jobs done on water.

I like this waterproof jacket to protect our phones. This is truly fantastic and must get. Cool hunt.

definitely solves a problem , and i think its worth the price , if you can care for pets why shouldnt anyone care about the smartphones ?

Wow that really hunt as well as it can saved your mobile from rain & you not need to worried about your mobile while raining...

Great hunt

This is another prorection and easy detection for waterproof phobes to save them from getting lost inside deep water. This is cool.


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Great Hunt @jawad09. Everybody can easy to use it and it protects your mobile from the water. I want this for my mobile.

woah! this surely solves the problem of when we go swimming and we accidentally drop our phones in the water it automatically sinks. But with this great hunt, say no more to phones sinking :D thank you for sharing this hunt @jawad09

Now this is what i call technology at its best, super find super hunt, somehow and somewhere we tends to use our phone in river and sea either for work or leisure.. great for capturing great momenta in life .. thanks for sharing

Whats the cost of absolute brilliance? $10 as per your hunt. Just super super useful hunt. How many people accidently drop their phones in pool, toilet pots, sea, and its ruined forever. This makes it more water proof and the phone floats. Simple yet so innovative and practical. Great hunt.

Great hunt my friend @jawad09. I really liked this. I need to buy this one for sure.

Keep hunting amazing products my friend.

A great phone accessory to have for that time you want to go swimming or engage in water sports

This will provide double protections for our phone.
But sadly this is not suitable for phones without waterproof, no protection to keep water from getting inside the phone.

This is really Innovative tho not much tech in it

It is great invention, and much necessity of now days. It is most useful for every one.

Much appreciated.

Stay blessed and keep it up.

I need to get such a device just incase my phone happens to fall inside water

reasonable price. great hunt~!! go for it~!

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wow! what a amazing hunt. you are really great hunter. today you hunt another amazing product. thanks for sharing.


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