MetaFly - A New Flying Experience

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A New Flying Experience



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Today we live with gadgets, machines and other technologies which are almost connected with each others. Everyday we see some enhancement in existing things and some new inventions as well. So being a big fan of nature and technology I always try my level best to dig something out of the box. Today I am here with another astonishing stuff which is named MetaFly. It is a total mimic of nature. Here are few features and details as under:


An absolutely unique biomimetic controllable creature. Forget about drones, it's time to experience flight like never before.

Price: $78


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In recent years, drones have been popular and used as toys. People like radio-controlled airplanes, probably because humans cannot fly without a device. MetaFly has wings that mimic butterfly flight patterns and I find this amazing. I want to buy one and play with it as a hobby.

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yep technology is affecting our lives exponentially no doubt and all techs are interlinked with each other somehow and metafly is a true example of innovative technology...

Woah, thats cute. But this toy wouldnt be great for camera drones, because it is not stable. @jawad09, good hunt man!


why are u not influencer since long?


Weird question, @jawad09 & @faiqablogs are one?

I remember when I was a child and I received an RC car and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now there are these amazing drones and realistic flying creatures, amazing how much technology has advanced in just a few decades. Cool hunt

Looks like whole new fyling experience indeed. Flying this seems to be more fun and enjoyable than drone. Nice bird like design anf flying similar to a bird too.

Wow! This is wonderful. The charging time is cool, just 12 minutes. I love its crash proof which eliminate worries of thing MetaFly being destroyed. The accurate navigation, wireless range and speed are awesome features that makes this tech a unique one. I love it design and how it truly mimics nature. Nice hunt!

Enjoy the fly.
This drone is quite amazing, I must say.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

i say we should be looking after nature first before copying the way it functions.

Meta fly is a very good innovative invention and high technology product.. Good hunt

very cool and very creepy a the same time

This piece of tech is really awesome. The energy conversion is also very efficient as 8 minute flight time only needed 12 minutes to charge. I think a possible application is for farmers who have problems with sparrows eating their grains, just let metafly chase the birds away. Hahaha. Cool hunt!

Nice and come to think of it this is indeed really unique I must say and the way technology is developing it is indeed getting a lot of impact in our life the positive way . Cool hunt indeed !!

Get MetaFly and experience the right wing flight. Comes with 1 metaflie, 1 metaflie controller and metaflie upgrade kit.
Upgrade Kit USB Cable, Power Bank and Special Edition MetaFly has an extra set of wings and tails

Altough it is costly, but When you see its benefits, you get all of them worth the money. Cool Hunt.


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