Battery Share Cable - charge your phone battery with another phone

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Battery Share Cable

charge your phone battery with another phone


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I am a big fan of technology and everyday enhancement in it. On daily basis I see various inventions that keeps me happy and I get energy. Today while searching my hunt I got a simplest product named Battery Share Cable. The best cable of it's kind. It is 1st cable which allows you to charge your cellphone from one to another.

Battery Share Cable is one of the first charging cables which allows you to charge your phone battery with another phone or electronic device. Some main features:

  • Battery share
  • Charging
  • Synchronizing
  • Data transfer

Here is the price: $25



Hunter: @jawad09

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I agree on the line what @mobi72 has to say and would add that if this becomes a reality and the project is successful we would gee a huge demand for the product. As far as I can see is that currently there isn't any product like that which enables you to charge your battery from a mobile device - that's a unique feature that the cable would have and further adding other features like data synchronization and share makes it further an appealing product. But I do feel is that the price is at a higher end though. Great hunt mate.


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Samsung introduced a cable like this one a couple of years back but that wasn't a success, mostly because of the app which was controlling the transfer of the charge. No doubt, there was a need for a competent alternate that can fill this gap, and I think the design and working technology behind this cable would prove it that alternate.

Ever since I started using smartphone, I have been always thinking of such a solution but never knew it could become a reality one day. Really pleased to see this hunt. Excellent work @jawad09.

Hunt is On

For the first time, I see a product like this. I think this product will be a good solution in the travelling time for charging our mobile phone.
@jawad09 good work man, I appreciate it but I have a question , Is this product Avaiable in market ?

I think the charging tips of Android phones are more available in humans than in Apple. We may not have a charging cable, but we can have an important job in case our friend is next to him, so I think he can do data transfer is great. I have only one question, I think the phone's charging power goes through with us in time, I think this feature should be developed and have the power to charge both.

I can see this coming in handy especially if you have two phones and use one more than the other. Nice!

Good one but i am not sure if i would like to borough my mobile to charge somebody's mobiel than later i will be in trouble with mine😂


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