Kamera LTE Arlo Go - and Solar Panels

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Kamera LTE Arlo Go

and Solar Panels






Hunter's comment

One of the first monitoring cameras that can be used in cellular networks and operates completely wirelessly. It's also weatherproof (IP65 dust and water resistance rating) and recording in HD quality.

No professional installation required. Set in times in many places.

Listen and talk back through the speakers and internal microphone directly from your smartphone.

Get notifications on your phone when NETGEAR Arlo Go LTE Camera detects movement / audio.

Average data uses less than 1GB of data per month (based on 5 minutes of recording per day).




Hunter: @jauharialz


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pros: it is very confortable because of solar panel.

cons: it is very expensive to buy..


of course expensive.
all products are expensive due to quality and tax.

I just promote it, where tau no interest hehehe @farmerboy

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do not be shy to comment hehehe

excellent promotion.
I am amazed by your hard work