I'm So Sorry, This Post Was Deleted !!!

in #steemhunt5 years ago (edited)

I'm sorry if I should delete this post @steemhunt. this post I created just to try the New Platform from @steemhunt or https://steemhunt.com.

I think this new platform is very interesting, beautiful, and also simple. Maybe i will try it again next-time. Don't be sad. keep the spirit and hopefully @steemhunt continue to succeed in the future. thank you



Thank you for posting on Steemhunt!
However, your post has been delisted on Steemhunt because it violates following posting guidelines.

5. Plagiarism and Copyright

Write a sentence and description with your own words. Do not copy and paste from the product's website or other sites. You can however quote some content from a site, but you must use quotes and cite the source properly.

Let me know please if you update your post so that it can be unhidden.

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