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Filter By Tags On Steemit Blogs







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I would like to introduce to the steemian a small app that lets you modify, add additional features and add functionality to your browser. SteemFeed is an Open Source browser extension that can be used in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

SteemFeed is an optional component in the form of a small app that when added to the Google Chrome Browser or Mozilla Firefox Web Browser tool will add your browsing functionality to playing steemit. That is, without additional SteemFeed even if Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox can still be utilized its main function, but it would be great if in add extention your browsing on steemit will be more specific because it has many filter features like tags.

My personal experience in using extensions will be a lot of benefits, ordinary extention provides convenience in terms of browsing. like SteemFeed, is made to make it easier for the steemists to filter out their steemit browsing to get more functionality with the features they offer.

SteemFeed Google Chrome Github Link

SteemFeed Mozilla Firefox Github Link

I am not a part of this product, I am just a hunter who aims to promote products, websites & other unique things to all my followers. if things happen that is not good because of the advice or promotion that I do, I release the responsibility because this is a promotion that I do personally not binding with the owner of the product or website that I promotion. I think this explanation is important for me to explain. for your attention and understanding all of them, I said Thank You.

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Hunter: @jaldesign

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That should help out a lot. I will check it out.

@gattino You must try this best extention

This is a great idea!
I currently have a lot of different filters I use by having a set of bookmarks, which I click on 1 by 1.

  • This looks to be a way easier way to surf Steemit.
  • Example, if I'm in the gardening mood, I can choose that filter. If I'm wanting to see fishing posts, I choose that.


  • Not a con about this extension, but a simple note that Steemit should have this built in their web site. It would be fairly simple for the multi-million dollar corporation to have a state of the art site...

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