Spike Ball - The Best ball to play at seaplace any other place

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Spike Ball

The Best ball to play at seaplace any other place



Hunter's comment

Hello, I am @jacokob and today I will introduce a Spike ball. If you haven’t tried it, YES, it’s as fun as it looks. We can play it with our friends and enjoy too much on our vacation and holidays. It's one of the easiest games to play. It needs 4 players required and you can play anywhere: backyard, campground, beach, gym floor, and many other places.



Points are scored when the ball hits the rim, the ground, or bounces more than once on the net

360 PLAY

After the serve, players can move or hit in any direction


Players have up to three alternating touches to return the ball to the net

2 VS 2

Team 1 serves to Team 2 to start a poin




Hunter: @jacokob


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Look super fun.


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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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That's interesting. The players have 3 options to throw the ball to the net, and players have unlimited options to hit the ball in all directions


hahahaha it looks super fun this game, I want to try it now, no doubt with a couple of beers and good friends it will be a very nice time

Great, a new kind of beach volleyball. Looks funny and certainly makes a lot of fun. The price of 50 € is OK. This is a great hunt, thank you.