Blockly Games - Teach programming to kids through gaming

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Blockly Games

Teach programming to kids through gaming


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This website provide series of educational games that teach programming to the kids. It is specially designed for the children who do not had prior experience with computer programming.

There are eight games which enhance your programming skills and teach you the the basics of coding.



Hunter: @itsravi

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Pros :

Very educational game which is a good choice for kids
Eight games that can really enhance your programming skills which able you to learn basic coding
Well-designed game for childrens
Does not need experienced in programming
Innovative way of learning

Cons :

None for what i have see

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  • Educational games for children
  • The child will not get bored because he has 8 different games in which the child will learn different things
  • Available in several languages
  • Encourages children to enter the world of programming

I do not see any against for this educational game

Pros :

  • As mentioned Teaching programming to kids through gaming
  • Easy to learn coding by using games as teaching
  • Kids will show some more interest
  • Available in many languages
  • Looks very innovative & interesting

Cons :

  • Looks perfect for kids & no cons for this
    Great hunt !!

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