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Telegram X

aplikasi chatting



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Telegram X is the application is claimed to have a better animated display and a shorter wait time when it will open an image or other content.

Telegram X includes simple, fast, secure, and synchronized apps across all your devices.

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The Telegram X is actually a product from Telegram themselves, which I haven`t checked fully in the first moment. Due to this fact, it is a sub product from Telegram and not a main product and needed to be delisted correctly.

Thanks for your understanding and wish you good luck with your next hunt.

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  • An alternative application for telegram users. As per the application it runs faster than the first one and has more emojis and animation.
  • You can re-order the pinned messages.
  • It also caters multiple accounts, this is good for folks who are doing some marketing stuff and even just a normal chat. You just need to switch it to the menu and voila! you can use the other one.


  • None for me ( I myself isn't a telegram user though I do have one but I prefer discord. )

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