Identity V - fear always springs from the unknown

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Identity V

fear always springs from the unknown



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horror game of all time

Game Identity V is a game produced by NetEase Games. Previously this game has been a huge success in China and has launched globally, now can be downloaded through Google Playstore. This game is horror-themed and has a sound effect that is very supportive atmosphere horror game play. So when playing this game you feel the adrenaline is really tense.

In gameplay, this game can be played by 5 people at the same time that is 1 vs 4. There will be 1 person killer and 4 people survivors. A killer is trying to hunt down four other survivors, where survivors must strive to escape from the Killer's pursuit. This game is another genre where mobile games are currently filled with MOBA, Battleroyal, and others. Of course this is one breakthrough to add other types of games.



Hunter: @ismailrafael

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  • Fine storyline.
  • Interesting characters.
  • Wonderful graphics of Victorian era style.
  • Even though it has a few flaws, but you'll love to play it.


  • Point earning limitations.
  • You've to buy few extra options on monthly payment basis.

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