Velopresso - The Pedal-fueled Coffee Trike

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The Pedal-fueled Coffee Trike



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Hunter's comment

Hello coffee lover, on this occasion I will show you a product related to coffee, yes I love coffee very much. Meet Velopresso.

Velopresso offers many unique features, benefits, and opportunities from a business, environmental and experiential perspective. When you buy a Velopresso, it is made to order, by us, for you, and fully branded to represent your business identity, whether you are an independent barista or an international corporation.

Velopresso is a celebratory combination of human power, tangible delights, and innovation.

Old tech with howdy tech, bikes, and espresso, their designing and style. The outcome is a creative pedal-controlled portable espresso making machine for off-matrix offering of value coffee and its subsidiaries with a smaller impression and close quiet ultra-low carbon human-fueled activity.

Fine espresso, no power, no engines, no commotion.

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Hunter: @iqbaladan

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Hi @iqbaladan,

Thanks for your hunt but the vimeo video embed had embed limitations. Can you please fix that.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change so I can review your hunt.


Hi @fknmayhem, I think this only happened from my side, because Vimoe is still blocked in my country, maybe it's better if I remove the video.


Please tell me, why do I need a pedal-fueled coffee maker and spend time with making coffee instead of leaving an automatic coffee maker do its job while I do other important stuff?


Because you can't always rely on a machine, if you want practical things, you can buy coffee outside and do other things afterward. As simple as that.


Much so that I won't rely on pedal-fueled machine and have longer waiting time just to have a coffee. It can be used for exercise though, trying to be creative and imaginative. :)


Hipsters! I like that! 😃

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