Wikifolio - Use the knowlegde of other traders for your own profit

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Use the knowlegde of other traders for your own profit



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Wikifolio is a platform for serious investing. You can choose one of two sides: Either you want to invest your own money into trading strategies and patterns of other wikifolio users or you become a professional trader, build reputation and earn a bonus for everyone who invest into your strategy and skills.

Regardless of any experience or any amount of money you want to invest, you can place your money on the most successful traders of wikifolio and their strategies. If a trader sells his shares, you will sell it too through an automatic system. If a trader buys shares or bonds, you will buy these too. And the best thing of this platform: Everything is transparent.

There is an in-depth ranking of every wikifolio trader where you quickly find their last trading strategies and their performances they made the last day or even the last year in total. You are able to use the years of gained experience of professional traders through wikifolio to your advantage.



Hunter: @infinitelearning

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  • interesting design
  • communities are always good


  • late to the party, tradingview is light years ahead, though this seems to be a different approach
  • competitors are using machine learning

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