SMARTDOCK - Secure meeting room console

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Secure meeting room console


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Security is an important element in every aspect of life that can not compromise. So today i am sharing with you a secure meeting room console named SMARTDOCK. It is much efficient that you can start your meeting with one touch securely. If you can shift your meeting on your personal machine, just connect your laptop.


Height x Width x Depth:
9.4 in (239 mm) x 13.2 in (334 mm) x 8.2 in (209 mm)


Logitech SmartDock
Integrated Surface Connector
Two HDMI output supporting up to 1080 p60
One HDMI input supporting content sharing up to 1080 p30
One Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) port
Three USB 3.0 ports
One 3.5 mm headset audio jack
Motion sensor / presence detection with 3 meter range
Kensington security slot




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This is pretty awesome. I work with a lot of different rooms where they have presentation equipment and there are people coming in and out of there all the time connecting different devices to the equipment.
Having a single secure place for them to connect would be really great. I can see how this would definitely be much more secure as well. The biggest issue with control centers like this is usually the cost and the proprietary software that it needs to run. I would be interested to see how this compares to some of those other systems. Nice hunt!

security is very important as it helps to keep vital information a secret.

This is cool seriously. Security should be treated with seriousness. Especially when issues to be discussed at the meeting should not be revealed. Nice hunt


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