Honda Riding Assist-e - The perfect self-balancing electric motorcycle

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Honda Riding Assist-e

The perfect self-balancing electric motorcycle



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Hunter's comment

Today i'm introduce the smart electronic bike "Honda Riding Assist-e" It is a mechanism that assists running at extremely low speed by controlling the balance of the machine by the assist mechanism utilizing robotics technology.

It seems that there is an aim to make everyday life of the motorcycle easier and more enjoyable without losing the real pleasure of riding by improving ride easiness and security at the time of starting and stopping with traffic jam and signals.

Also, by adopting "e-Drive" which uses an electric motor for the power train, it also supports the environment.


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Now, there are many smart features in motorcycles. It is very impressive to see a motorcycle standing on its own without falling down. As you explained, this motorcycle will be very convenient when it is stopped by a traffic light. And I think it would be also great because it takes less energy to move a person from a motorcycle to another place after getting off. Thank you for hunting good products.

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This looks like a midget bike lol I love Honda, they build solid bikes and this one looks really great for scooting around in the city. Nice hunt :))