Solar Shirt - The shirt produces around 1W of electricity

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Solar Shirt

The shirt produces around 1W of electricity



Hunter's comment

Hi to all hunters,

I'm here with another hunt which is named as Solar Shirt. This shirt has the most innovative design which has solar cells in textile. The front side of this shirt is embroidered and it combines with flexible electronics and solar panels. It is wearable which can produce 1W of electricity easily.


  • Produce 1W of Electricity
  • Fashion Garment as well
  • It is incorporates 120 thin film solar cells.
  • Everyone can wear
  • You can charge your cellphone or any other device

The shirt can charge smartphones, MP3 players, cameras, GPS systems and other USB-compatible handheld or portable devices.




Hunter: @ikrahch

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Ow.its really so interesting matter.We can get electricity from will be helpfull I think..thanks for sharing...


Thanks for stopping by..

Well, you really deserve my influence for finding an interesting shirt like this. Congratulations!

Great Hunt!


Besides the concept being awesome I really do not see a use for this to be honest since 1 W is pretty much nothing.

One potato produces a stream of 0.8 watts. However, through the process of boiling a potato for 8 minutes and cutting it into four or five pieces you can increase the output by 10 times, leaving you with an output of 8 watts of electricity for about 40 days.

Keep on the good work!

Hello @ikrahch, welcome with your another fantastic Hunt ""Solar Shirt.""

I am proud to see you creating high level and amazing product during hunting. Productivity of 1W of electricity from Shirt is enough. Impressive solar shirt with lot of multi features is desire to everyone i think in Pakistan because of electricity problem.


Yeah, damn true, we need such products badly in our country. :)

When peoples was going to traveling then they did need a power bank or electricity for mobile charging but now this product can find the solution of this problum . This solar shirt is really amazing

A shirt with a peculiar use, since it generates energy thanks to the sun, although not all will want to be in the sun to generate energy, it would be more useful to know that in how much time enough power to charge a mobile phone.


SUN is playing an important role in every solar product. Yes, thanks is a good way

great features of this product are:

Produce 1W Electricity.
Fashion garments too.
combine 120 thin film solar cells.
Everyone can use it.
we can charge your cellphone or other device.
play MP3s, cameras, GPS systems and other handheld or portable devices that are USB compatible.

You can charge devices anywhere anytime
no bulky wires to deal with
lightweight mobile charging
eco friendly and stylish

no cons that I can see

Anything solar? Oh yeah, bring it on! I remember we were hit by a huge typhoon and we lost electricity for 3 months, so now we are kinda obsessed with anything solar. Amazing how this can power your celfone and that's free energy from the sun! Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

This hunt is really one of a kind. Starting from solar house, solar boards, solar window, and today is solar shirt! Fudge! Technology is really awesome!

This one is the most interesting hunt of the day for me. With film solar cells they produced a t-shirt that can produce electric and we can charge our devices with it. Great idea and great priduct. Thanks for sharing it

Cool hunt. I have never seen such a shirt with solar cells producing electricity. Great hunt.

Now talking about solar everywhere. Solar implementation is spreading. This is great. The simplicity and functionality of the technology allow this.

This is indeed an interesting concept. Question is how to wash this kind of products and how to protect the connectors.


They are working on the washable issue. :)

Great hunt @ikrahch This is an amazing idea. Not only the it comes with amazing design, it also can charge you phones. It produce 1W of Electricity which won't harm our body and everyone can wear it!

It is innovative and great idea to produce energy from a shirt. I guess we will see great developments very soon. Great hunt.

Technology suprises us each day. Wearing just a t-shirt and you will have power to charge your phone. Its great idea. They used film solar panels on shirt to produce electricity. I like it very much. Thanks for sharing

Yes it's innovating, but the 1 Watt is almost nothing. I keep the idea, and i hope to evolve a bit to be more useful!!
Smart idea, but lacks energy efficiency.
Good Hunt!


Thanks for stopping by.. :)


You welcome!

What a great hunt that you can produce electricity by your clothes sucs as shirt. Awesome hunt.

This is something like from the movies. We will see such products more and more in the future. All these innovations are environmentally friendly which is really good for our world. I would like to have one of this shirt in the future. Thanks

With this you can just power your power bank and mobile device conveniently without having to pay .. Cool one

What an excellent hunt of day to browse !!! I am really impressed by this hunt. With the rise in global average temperature the need to find the innovate the way for clean and renewable source is of paramount importance and when we incorporate the same in our fashions then it becomes even more practical and solution centric than ever. Just imagine you charge your own mobile by the production of electricity through your shirt which incorporates solar panel.

Thank you and Have a great day.

It seems convenient to use it as an emergency if the battery is discharged from other electronic devices.

It is amazing to see a shirt that produces energy. I never thought of that. Perfect hunt.

this type of clothing is the future, many companies including google are already preparing to compete in this market, your product is great, is very good hunting.

incredible product to think that it is always necessary for cell phones that has little battery at all times great hunting men

this is really innovative,
only this time I saw that there were clothes that were combined with electricity, besides the clothes were relatively good, these clothes could also be useful for other things related to

Great. Now I can charge my phone if I wear this? I guess you still need a plug or usb socket for that though.

This is awesome.
Technology is really getting more interesting and bringing many things into life.
Solar Shirt is just too cool.

I love these.

The shirt can charge smartphones, MP3 players, cameras, GPS systems and other USB-compatible handheld or portable devices.

Solar Shirt is a great project and I guess 1 W will be increased very soon but perfect for the beginning. Awesome hunt.

What a great and smart idea to use a shirt as an energy source, we can charge our phones easliy. Awesome hunt.

Solar shirt is a very innovative idea. It can produce electricity which can charge your mobile device. I worry about the weight of the shirt.

May be we should have some popcorn making machine, that would be handy and carried along with this 😝, so that we can make popcorn using the produced electricity and take it, when needed.
Great hunt, this would be inspiring other such products.

Using a shirt as an energy source sounds incredible and amazing. One of the best idea I have ever heard. Congratulations for this hunt.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

This solar shirt is the best hunt for me today. It is a great idea to produce energy from a shirt. Perfect hunt of today.

Does it have a protection system? What if you get wet? By rain or sweat..

Great hunt

Nice to know that we are technologically advancing towards eco friendly era.Charging mobile is always a problem while we are outdoor. Let us chill with this shirt .

Now, this is impressive. A Solar Powered Shirt with "Style" ... Oh Man, I know My Fiance will want one of these for sure. A shirt that is able to capture the suns power and use it to charge your devices. WoW. Incredible. I guess I can see the "Age of Portable Chargers" fading away someday. This really was a great find. Thanks for sharing @ikrahch

Wow it is very crazy shirt for the hunters and nature lovers for that when you will go nature for hunt and for camp this shirt will help you because it produce 1w of Electricity this is fashion garment as well It is incorporates 120 thin film solar cells. You can charge your cellphone or any other device. When you get this Sollar Shirt you wıll be satisfied.

Interesting, very interesting. Without a doubt it is the most practical shirt that I have seen in my life haha. It makes good use of solar energy to solve everyday problems such as charging the phone. Excellent hunt!

Thanks for share this hunt!


Charging Phone is easy with this Shirt if we have.

Nice one, i can now wear a power bank and never have to worry about charging my phone, watch, tablet and may be more. Soon i will be the most sought out friend during events. Good hunt.

This is an amazing shirt. Of course, what should I do in that case? Do I have to remove all the sun-related equipment? There are many questions, but the trial looks good.

Solar shirt is a nice fashionable shirt which is not only good in design but it is
also capable of charging your mobile phone. Easy to wear and shirt produce environmental friendly electricity. Great hunt


You are very right!

Pros and Cons
-produce green energy
-environmentally solar produce energy is good for environment

-still a little expensive need to wait till its more affordable

Beautiful hunt, it should be no 1. It is a good to utilize the natural resources in beneficial way for every one.

It has good features

Produce 1W of Electricity
Fashion Garment as well
It is incorporates 120 thin film solar cells.
Everyone can wear
You can charge your cellphone or any other device

Stay blessed and keep it up.

I am going mad on seeing these type of inventions. what next.? charging devices with the shirt which produces 1W electricity? We are going to face electric man soon in real life.


Shirt, socks, pants, and camp has been manufactured by solar so farr...who knows what's next? :D

I should definitely be buying this one! It is purely innovative and technology wise. Just a question, where will be the electricity generated be stored?

This will hit the market especially to those electrical savvy ones :)


  • great wearable solar technology
  • good design
  • can charge cellphones
  • only has 1W of power
  • higher costs for a shirt
  • charging takes a long time

I don't know what else we can see more. Charging mobile phone by solar shirt is interesting and also amazing idea. Great hunt.

Solar Shirt: The shirt produces around 1W of electricity. Unbelievable and really appreciable. I want one for me. Lovely!

That's a sun shirt. It's amazing. It's a totally unexpected product. How could I think of this! But because of the whole plate. I don't think designers really like it.

Wow, the features I love most about this hunt is the phone charging aspect, which means if I should get this shirt I don't longer need to worry about my phone battery, I just be sincere, this hunt is amazing, kudos hunter

I live in a country where electricity is the main issue. I think this is a great invention for my world. Thanks for an awesome hunt.

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Wawoo.. its really interesting & amazing hunt. Your creativity is nice to share good.
Keep it up

A useful shirt to charge our devices when we're on the outside and can't find any electricity source.
I'm just wondering if this shirt is washable or not 😕

excellent hunting, we can walk on the street without worry that our devices are discharged, this shirt is a good option to generate electricity, I love that you can use sunlight on our clothes to produce electricity, great hunting

O man what a great hunt . I like it. It is a very beautifull hunt . Shirt design is very beautifull and it has a sollar system for producing the electricity

Yeah, i have seen a solar shirt before but i don't have that kind of interest not until i saw you mention that it can charge phone. 🌝 think i got interest in this

1W doesnt sound like much. And i hope they have good capacitors to handle the fluctuations since it's a shirt and no one would prefer to get constant sunshine.

Rad fashion statement though.

Solar Shirt is a perfect example of innovation and this is definitely going to streamline the charging for smart devices that is otherwise a big problem for almost all the users regardless of whether they use the latest version of iPhone or Android or not. This hunt deserves to be #1.

This shirt is interesting and useful. It is great to produces energy with solar panels, but I am worried that it will not get hot. Anyway this product is awesome!


This shirt can't get hot because the charger is invisibly located in the front pocket.

One of the best ways to take advantage of solar energy, this shirt is very nice.
I would like to buy one.

This is totally a different idea. I am really a big fan of solar energy because it is GOD gifted. And I always appreciate those people who use the natural resources and develop something for mankind. Great hunt indeed.

This shirt is very useful for my hometown,Mandalay. 'Cause the weather so hot , haha.

Lol .. This willake people start playing in the sun, so at least you are not totally losing

We always look for the way to be connected, and how to always have battery in our devices and here a good way to opt for it thanks for sharing

For arctic exploration ? Must be very hot inside.

wow, great hunting, I have a question. is there a charging device in a shirt?

Most lovable Solar Shirt

It's really amazing and modern solar shirts, you can charge the device anywhere, it is environmentally friendly and very stylish. Wow very nice hunt

Awesome hunt! best of luck

To load our small devices anywhere is appropriate this shirt. As long as there is sunlight so you can have energy.

I recently saw a hat and a jacket, but a shirt had not had the opportunity to see so far good hunting

I like the idea of integrating solar panels into everyday clothes. No more worrying about your phones running out of battery if you're already wearing your power source. It's also a better alternative to always bringing a power bank. Lol!

Solar Shirt is a quite funny yet very much productive idea to produce the electricity up to 1 Watt. There is nothing to worry if you are out of station and your mobile goes out of charging. Solar Shirt is always there to recharge the accessories. Hope so it will available soon in the shopping malls so that I can buy one for me.

By the way cool hunt Miss Ikrah ;)

Waww, a shirt that can produce electricity. Today technology surely gives us more flexibility to produce electricity

From design to functionality, this t-shirt seems a product from future. Just go back 10 years and then think of charging a smartphone with a t-shirt and you will know how revolutionary this t-shirt is.

It would be really cool if there were speakers as shoulder pads

Solar shirt is without a doubt one of the finest products I have seen here at @steemhunt. This is very innovative product and I think it's going to help the smartphone users a lot. Superb hunt!

I saw many soller product but this one i really like because of its design


This one is UNIQUE :)

Could be cool if you go camping/hiking. Would invest quite a bit to make sure I am always charged up! =)

This shirt has cool design. I like it. It also can be used to charge smartphone, cameras and other portable devices.

great hunt!


Yeah, its cool in design. :)

what good is this shirt and how it can help us by producing one watt of electricity .i,m amazed by watching this shirt and i,m also happy that we are doing our best to produce what ever we can

hahaha this innovation is awesome and at the same time So I could pretty much charge my phone using my shirt when moving around? wow.


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Amazing Hunt @ikrahch


• You can charge not only smartphones but also MP3 players, ipod and other handheld device even when electricity is cut off.

• The shirt is both functional and fashionable- you can choose your own design for the solar shirt.

• Buying clothes from market will only profit their owner but buying solar shirt will promote non-renewable energy resources conservation. We can notice how they run their clothes manufacturing industries polluting the air and water releasing harmful chemicals.


• This solar shirt can't be washed when it gets dirty.



Is it true that we can't wash this shirt?


@ikrahch....yes we can't wash this is the only thing the team behind it has been finding difficult to cope with. I researched about it and currently they are working to overcome this difficulty.