Metal Detector - An App To Help You Locate Misplaced Metallic objects

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Metal Detector

An App To Help You Locate Misplaced Metallic objects


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Hunter's comment

Hanging Out to the beach with friends is fun until you apartment key gets missing. Even at home, you might misplace some small metallic objects like your key holder. Looking for such items without a clue is difficult. However this smart app would give you a clue by beeping louder the closer you are to any metallic item; this can be varied in the settings. It works with the magnetometer attached to your smart phones.


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This is a nice app to have. Useful when your out on the beach or park and need to search for a ost item or want to just see what you can find.


What! This is totally crazy and pretty ingenious if it works the way that they are proposing. I like it when apps find a way to use the components that already exist in our devices to increase the functionality of them. The accelerometer in most phones has so many uses. This is just another example of innovative and outside the box thinking. Thanks for sharing this!

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