CareUeyes - Intelligent Eye Care For Maintaining Healthy Eyes

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Intelligent Eye Care For Maintaining Healthy Eyes



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Spending time on screen can cause serious eye problems. However, this eyeUcare software can help you maintain your eye health while staying hours on screen.
It has night, office, smart, movie and reading mode. The smart mode regulates the brightness and warmness of your screen inline with the time of your computer.


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Eyes are the most important sense we have. Without eyes a large portion of our communication efficiency will be lost. Eyes can be used for long range communication without disturbing others. Imagine living without reading anything. Imagine living without touch screens. Imagine living without color lights.

Health of eyes is extremely important yet is one of those things that get easily overlooked. Optionally we can decide to not take care of our eyes and develop a talent like this kid who is like the real life Daredevil:

eyes indeed is the among the most vital organ of the body

This is really useful. I have something similar for my mobile, but that just works to regulate blue light, which affects sleepiness. It doesn't have the automatic screen dimmer, which I think really makes the difference when it comes to caring for my eyes. I also love the focus settings, which could help improve concentration when reading and doing creative work.

Excellent hunt from you

Now a days all of us spending lot of Time on Mobiles, Pcs, Tvs and other gadgets too.

Because of our need we cont keep them away from us.

This redaction damage our EYES too.

For solving this problem, this CareUeyes helps a lot.

It contain good features, we can change mode as our required.

Nice hunt, Thanks for sharing.

I feel really good after checking your today's hunt. Because those who know about Vision syndrome, they are always worried. Because we are currently busy with smart devices, we have to work with regular computers or laptop. In this, our eyes are in serious harm.

And your hunt can really be easily released from our deadly risk. Its smart modes can easily keep us away from all kinds of damage. GREAT HUNT Thanks for that @ikchris

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There is a say in my native tongue which says that the eye is the king of body, a means to communicate with the brain. Proper care needs to be put in place to protect this medium and I believe this is the good way to protect this assets. Wonderful hunt

hmmm i really need to care my eyes :p because i spent hours in front of laptop and I'm very careless about my eyes i surely need to take care of them thanks for sharing will consider this software

This software is very helpful to keep your eyes healthy after a long time work on sucreen. It has the ability to regulates the brightness and warmness of your screen with it's smart modes that will maintain the health of your eyes.

This app can reduce the damage from your eyes. If you do care your eyes then install this app directly although there are also several apps that you can install to protect your eyes from radiation.

It is very useful product because now a days due over use of net, mobile and computer and also TV which has great effect on eye site. It is great and useful hunt.

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