Researcher - very useful for scientists in search of reference

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very useful for scientists in search of reference


Hunter's comment

  • Research is done by expert scholars, either Bachelor's or professor.
  • This application makes it easy to find material comparisons with some other studies in the form of scientific journals.
  • More than 85% of the users of these applications is very helpful in finding the source and saves time in searching reference materials about 76% even more, as compared with other methods such as up-to-date on the latest publications.

benefits :

  • much of the latest research updates in this application.
  • Filter by keyword, with the best and easiest browsing security.
  • SYNC on MENDELEY, a liaison between account, MENDELEY can open on a bookmarked when you quote the source. the folder will add a zotero, RefWorks and reference manager quickly.
  • You can save, and read at any given time via desktop or mobile android you, and your visit on to open the back of the journal to which you save.
    You can learn more on you tube below:

sources that you can find on the researcher:

  • Engineering and Computer Science.
  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • Earth Sciences and Animal Biology.
  • Chemical and Physical Sciences



Hunter: @ifraim

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Awesome hunt. Great useful app.

Great hunt @ifraim! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

Could you please change the title to 'Researcher' - this is the correct name for the app.

ok, I've fixed the

Hi @ifraim NICE HUNT

This is my opinion about Application Researcher


I think this app is not just for scientists, ordinary people like me can also use this app. Because the main function of this application is to find material comparisons with some other research in the form of scientific journals. This application is also very helpful to us, because in addition to compare some research this application can also save our time.


No cons, this app is very good. A good recommendation.


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