The Dawn - The Strangest Autonomous Electric Car You'll Ever See

The Dawn

The Strangest Autonomous Electric Car You'll Ever See



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Hunter's comment

The Dawn car concept looks like it has had a tarp put over it to protect it from various weather conditions. To others, it can also look like an enlarged Roomba vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, it is not a car that has been put away for the winter season nor does it pick up dirt and debris when driven around. Instead, the Dawn car concept is a low-riding, futuristic electric vehicle that boasts a rear-engine and single-seat with a wireless induction charger housed up front.

Designed by Valmet Automotive, a Finnish contract manufacturer, the Dawn car concept was recently unveiled during the Geneva Auto Show. Known for building cars for Porsche, Saab and Fisker, Valmet has impressed show-goers with its own attention-grabbing design.


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It is a unique design. The Dawn will require some quality roads to drive on from the looks of it.

I keep wondering the technology the car is built on. Everything about it is cool and I think I will still read well about the car and some others spec about it.

Nice hunt

Seeing this car just really thrilled me, I must confess
Thanks for sharing this hunt


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