Spark - Augmented reality physical therapy system

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Augmented reality physical therapy system



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Spark is a training and physical rehabilitation system that takes full advantage of VR/AR technology and 3D scans to give those who use it a totally different and efficient experience.

Basically, it consists of a projector and a system of sensors that analyze both the body and physical of people as well as the environment in which they are located, from there to determine certain values that will help to generate the best conditions and activities for training and physical recovery. effective.

Spark overlays interactive physical therapy exercises tailored to the user's injury, progress, & preferences.

The best thing is that the whole system is controlled by an application through which we will receive all the information of our progress and our body to create better routines and activities.



Hunter: @ideas-abstractas

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Waw technology has been doing wonders and this is one them.
An AR technology which detect your environment and detect what's wrong in the environment and also give you a solution to stay fit.
Nice hunt

The best part of this hunt is its uniqueness relevant to body. It helps to boost up the mental and physical rehabilitation system.

It gives 3D structure. And, it is operated via an application. AMAZING


Spark is excellent hunt on my view. Because I see it has a sensors that analyze both the body and physical very easily. The sensor system is excellent for us.


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I'm sure your hunt is undervalued and it's right to get help to crawl up to the better ranking (at least to TOP 100). Why ?, because i think it's "COOL".

Nice Hunt @ideas-abstractas

By the way, i have boomarked this product too, but you are faster than me. XD you are really have a great hunt taste XD

This product will revolutionize the medical scope.

Well if this works how it looks from the video, it has a chance to really catch on.

AR is much more user-friendly and ready for mass adoption than VR is (big/expensive headsets & powerful computers stop adoption for now), so this tech stands a chance at adoption today.

It does look like it'll add a new dimension to training, making workouts more interesting and interactive, and should also help with form - which is something many [even experienced] people struggle with. Looks good.

interesting hunting, this will be of great help for people who have some injury the progress will be impresonante with this technology, since this determines certain values that help to generate the best conditions and activities for training and physical recovery of the patient , great hunting.


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