PO-32 - Wireless Pocket Drum Music Machine


Wireless Pocket Drum Music Machine



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Hunter's comment

PO-32 Tonic is a drum machine that comes in a conveniently compact size, but it emits virtually endless sounds. Thanks to wireless connectivity, the machine is able to import any sound from any program, and it can then export the resultant synth sessions without having to plug in to any hardware.

The PO-32 Tonic is part of Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator series, but it is the first offering to include this sort of wireless technology. One of the big benefits of the wireless importing and exporting is that two users with the PO-32 Tonic can transfer their beats directly between the machines without having to work through an intermediary. Such a system makes collaboration far easier and more fluid for musicians who work with electronic and synthesized sounds.





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wow, this is a nice tool specially when you have a gathering with your friends and you want to enjoy listening to loud music.


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