LuminAI - Holographic Smart Dome for Interactive Experiences


Holographic Smart Dome for Interactive Experiences



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Hunter's comment

This is a virtual holographic dome where we can create beautiful interactive experience such a simulations or dancing shows that people can dance with and that can learn and predict dance moves.

The more dancing moves the virtual dancing dome is exposed to, the more it learns. The dome captures a dancer's movements and also uses its dancing memory to predict the person's next steps. It also projects two virtual images dancing together onto its walls -- one of the dancer and one of itself.

This examples of artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly artistic, but has broader implications as it comprehends and accounts for human unpredictability. The intelligent dome does so while performing autonomously and without the need for human control.


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This is such a coo way to have some nice experiences. I wonder if this can be improved with more features for all sorts of stuff like education :)

This is indeed amazing. The dome is technologically designed to interact with human dancing step. It's going to provide an awesome experience inside that dome.

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