Cosmolander - Interactive Space Learning for Kids using Animations

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Interactive Space Learning for Kids using Animations



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Cosmolander - Missions in the solar system is an app that will allow children to learn about space, planets and the solar system while solving puzzles and completing fun interactive challenges.

NOTE: Apps name was shortened to fit into the product name box.


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Always great to see educational apps like this. I always liked astronomy. I am sure kids would love this app.

Can I ask you to hunt my product? How can I contact you?

Sure. What is your product? I am on discord.

It's - can you email me?

Just did.

I'm bookmarking all the educational apps for kids hunted on this platform for future reference. My kids are in for a big treat in the nearest future. Nice one here

Awesome ONe!
it will make learning fun and learning with enjoyment is really a awesome experience. This educational app is a good option for kids to explore the concepts of Space.
Thank You and Have a GooD DaY!

What a great way to fill the curious mind of young children through this app! It is a great way to enrich kids mind with so vast and amazing universe knowledge. Space exploration is always a source of inspiration for young minds and this app will serve the purpose elegantly.

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