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Your online freedom



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Browsec VPN enable us to to access any site anywhere from the world.There are lot or websites which we cannot browse without vpn, Browsec give access to open these kind of websites. It give us security by protecting over data from sniffers.
It is easy to install just open the link and click on add to chrome.
You can also change your location according to your wish, It is free VPN and you can also buy premium. It is also available on IOS.



Hunter: @husnainali4

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I m glad to hear that browsec is free of cost and the installation process is so easy. Thanks for shareing.

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Thanks @husnainali4...!


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yes you are right we can access any website if we are using browsec and we can can use browsec without any cost but the problem is using browsec ,it can effect the speed of internet and internet run slowly .I also use browsec VPN

My all friends are using Browsec VPN because it is easy to install and when we want to pause the browsec VPN we can do it .

I am not glad of my Vpn nowadays and I am hapy to se e an alternative. Sure I will visit Browsec. Thanks for sharing.

Access any website
Free of cost
Protect data
Slow down speed


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