Nara Reading App - Nurturing a passion for reading for children

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Nara Reading App

Nurturing a passion for reading for children



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Nara Reading App helps nurturing your kids' love of reading, meanwhile, reducing the time spending with electronic devices. It encourages children to spend more time exploring the world through books, instead of staring at screens of digital devices. At the same time, it helps parents live happier since they have a bit more time for their own stuff.


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Anything that gets your children interested in reading is worthwhile - so if an app like this can do it, it's worth getting. Other things parents can do is read to their children at bedtime.

Getting your child to read regularly at a young age will ensure that their brains develop faster, which in turn will make sure they do well at their exams when they are older.

Our Children needs to read imbibe the culture of reading, so this is a good app for them

When Children develops reading habit, It will help them to become great. Readers are leaders, good to have develop the habit now.


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