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Convert icon, fonts to png



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Hunter's comment


It is a powerful tool for converting icons, letters and fonts to PNG, you can create an icon in a matter of minutes, just put the font style and the application will generate one automatically, you can change it colors, or choose the color that you like. also the size of px and the margin of the icon.


This tool is ideal for software creators, user interface, smartphone launcher, websites, 2D & 3D animation.


  • Very easy to use tool
  • It has extensive icon libraries
  • Pre-designed fonts
  • Import and export






Hunter: @huascargarcia


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Hi @monajam, Thank you for approved, regards!!

Bravo, @huascargarcia. It has always been a pleasure for me to go through a cool hunt and this is one of the coolest hunts so far, today.


Thank you very much, I am proud of your comment friend, greetings!

Easy to use and a different tool with simple settings. It will be nice to convert letters and fonts into PNG with this tool. Many features such as color, size and background can be changed. Icon library and pre-designed fonts are available. Cool hunt.


Easy to use and a different tool, is great!!

Thank you for comment, regards!! :)

hi buddy, i just want to say that your hunt is very cool. Fa2png makes it easy to create PNG icons quickly, we can combine letters in just a few minutes to become an icon. it was great


Thank you @rijal123, regards!!

Yeah, looking amazing tools, we can create any icon or design we like and convert different letters. I really like to use this Fa2png. Great hunt👍


XD Thanks, regards!

I think its so helpfull for use. your hunt so nice and good. Its so easy to use also. Its features are amazing.thanks for sharing this great hunt.. keep it up. .

Fa2png will be very useful for my works. I need this app for a long time. Thanks for sharing.


Surely if friend, thanks for your comment. Regards!!

Nice Hunt! it is a nice and awesome tool to convert fonts to PNG, easy to use and simple tool that anyone can understand easily, Thanks for your great hunt keep hunting on good luck

I have too many works with Pngs, Png is a part of my job. Thanks for sharing Fa2png. Great hunt.

Great and convenience hunt for people who in need of changing the background images/file type. It seems so much easier to use compared with the "normal" way using the Adobe app. Save time and money. Thanks this can come in handy.


If friend is ideal to save us the time of import and export of files as they are done in conventional software, this is simpler and easier to use :) thanks for leaving your opinion, greetings !!

The Fa2png saves time when converting icons to png files. It's a useful tool to have.

this app is really usefull for web developer who needs a lot of png image


It's great, thank you very much for your comment. regards!!

Fa2png provides you quick and easy solution to covert your font, icon and letters to PNG. you have liberty to change the color and liberty to resize it as per your use. Geat hunt for developers


Hi, thank you for comment. Regards!!

It's so user friendly. I think we have a winner..

Hi @huascargarcia,your post about converting fonts to PNG is very useful.I was also looking for such feature like import and export,designing fonts you have done good work by sharing this with us.


Hello @ babarmallah786. Thanks for your opinion. Greetings, friend!

I will this simple tool in my next project, thanks for the hunt.

This will resolve our problems to really make it more convenient and easier!


Yes friend, a great solution when it comes to wanting to save time :)

Love it! Nice find.


LOL Yeah men, thank you for comment, regards!!


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@huascargarcia This is a nice tool because we can make any icon without problem and in this platform it works very well when we need to create a icon for customize any letters in a pic, greetings bro.

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