Bobby Bagpack - Great Bagpack for Travelers

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Bobby Bagpack

Great Bagpack for Travelers


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Hunter's comment

I plan to visit a lot of places this summer. So I need a bagpack when I travel. When searching on the internet I found a great bagpack for travelers.

Also, if you have to carry a laptop when traveling, this bag is the safest bag to carry your laptop.

It is about $50 in price and a very durable bag. Meanwhile, I should say that this bag has great features.

  • Waterproof
  • Useful Pockets
  • External USB Charge
  • Protection Against Thieves
  • Balanced Weight for Health
  • Perfect Bag for Bicycle / Motorcycle Drivers



Hunter: @hsynterkr

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Great find. Unfortunately this product had been hunted and posted couple weeks ago. May recommend checking by searching product name on SH? That helps me to see if product was hunted already or not. Good luck.

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Spectacular backpack and very cute.

Exactly, it's very useful

Great planning @hsynterkr . You really deserve a vacation after so much work for the community. Inviting you to India if you are planning to have some fun vacation.

Thank you @aneilpatel
Actually Asia is a place I want to visit. I hope to visit India as well

Hi~ @hsynterkr, Good Hunt~

Waterproof and Useful Pockets
Balanced Weight for Health
Perfect Bag for Bicycle / Motorcycle Drivers


Enjoy SteemHunt~~

By the way External USB Charge is a nice feature as well

A good hunt for travellers where you can bring durable and ensure personal belongings are safe.

It is waterproof and has has thief protection features.

Very useful. No cons I can find.