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App Cloner

Clone your Apps





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App Cloner is a Android epic application that is used for cloning apps. This app can clone and customize app permissions, names, icons etc.

Have you ever wondered how you can have an app multiple times on your mobile without needing to install virtual machine apps like Parallel Space, Multiple etc App cloner is here for you.

Merit of App Cloner

  • It can clone a App multiple times
  • It can customize App ICON when about to clone
  • It can change App names
  • It can add badge to icon


  • Can't clone all apps like WhatsApp, BBM, Evernote, Grab
  • It has free and premium version



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  • Can clone the apps and add customized permissions, make the phone safer
  • Can open two same apps at once


  • Some apps cannot be clone

Wow excellent hunting, this will come in handy when playing on my device since I can have 4 times the same game especially those that are limited attempts.


  • It is easy to use and light at the same time only weighs 9.5 MB.
  • Its compatibility is very extensive since it supports Android 4.0.3 or higher.
  • The free version has a large arsenal of applications available to clone.


  • Only compatible with Android.
  • For legal reasons does not allow cloning instant messaging applications.

Pros :

  • The Application is great to create clone apps
  • Application icons and application features can be edited
  • The application can allow customization app permissions
    Cons :
  • The app is free to certain extend and needs to be upgraded to premium for more features

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  • You can make or create multiple copies of your favorite applications
  • You can do multitasking, like you can use more than one same app in one device


  • Compatible only with android devices

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  • Idea / Innovation
    The idea of "App Cloner" is to clone certain applications for specific purposes. For example, we want to have 2 Whatsapp in 1 Smartphone, this is probably done with App Cloner.

  • Desing / UI / Spec
    The design is neat and attractive.

  • Features / Advantages / Benefits
    Its application has many interesting features, such as you can have cloned from the application you specify. This works to create multiple accounts at once, social media, games, and any app can be cloned perfectly.

  • Price
    The Cloner App is free to use, but there are in-app purchases for certain features.

Nothing. I need this app for cloning games.

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