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3D Search Engine



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A few days ago I hunted a search engine for 3D printing models. However, sometimes there is a need for 3D digital models for animation rather than printing. Yobi3D is a search engine perfect for finding models for computer graphics software such as Blender. Users can also use the files they find for 3D printing if applicable.




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As far as I can see from social media, many users of this application are present and very good at feedback. You got a good Hunt. Congratulations.


Thanks for using @edensgarden!


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easy way to search 3d images.a good app for todays fast life,nice search

I need 3d models for some of my projects. I can find them on this search engine. It is worth for me
Thanks for sharing.

What I like most about this platform is the fact that one can find free 3D models. There are many search engines for graphics and UI elements, but not much for 3D models.
This will help the budding artists for sure.
Nice hunt.

A complete out of box concept to search for 3d images. Though Google search would give some result, this has more comprehensive capability, and its always good to have see all the models by category as well. Because, its hard to find an exact search all the time, so one may choose something which is available. Great hunt.

A good 3D resource for users. Getting 3D search result is a good thing and 3D users can find 3D digital models for animation that they can use for their projects on Yobi3D.


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