I Got My 150 Steemhunt Tokens

in steemhunt •  4 months ago

I know it's a little early before the absolute deadline but I claimed my HUNT tokens for the airdrop. I've gotten enough morality lessons from watching The Twilight Zone to know that if I try to time it for the last minute to squeeze out every last possible fraction of a token I could get then something would happen and I would lose the chance to get the tokens. 150 is a nice round number anyway. The 0.40 HUNT after the 150 will help to offset the fee when I sell them on an exchange in the future.

Photo Source: steemhunt.com

There is still a chance at the time of this posting to claim HUNT tokens before the deadline of September 13.  Nobody knows what the eventual value of this token will be but right now the token is being offered at a 1:1 ratio with steem power. Even if you have 0.1 steem power it might be worth your while to make a claim. Free cryptocurrency is free crypto. Hopefully Blocktrades will decide to list HUNT tokens so I can easily convert them into more steem power.

I resteemed a DTube video by @fruitdaddy two days ago that explains the claim process. It's so simple even an idiot like me can do it so there is really no excuse not to make the claim while there is still time.

Photo Source: steemhunt.com

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is there really a benefit for waiting? It seems to be mapped to a petitioner's SP.

I don't see how giving away that many tokens out of the pool is a good thing. Most people, when given a chance, will sell which harms the buyers in the short term.

SMTs may offer some premium value to steem, but if steem doesn't go up in value then using steem for ICOs will be impractical.


If I waited for the deadline I could have gotten an additional one point something additional HUNT tokens. Once you make the claim that's it and any additional steem power gotten after that from something such as curation payout doesn't get credited as additional HUNT tokens. Either one claim before the deadline or nothing so I acted with time to spare.

Right now only a little more than 15% of all the possible tokens during this phase of the airdrop have been claimed. That percentage will probably jump up over the next day.

You do have a point about selling and how it affects the token short term. There are still several months before SMT is introduced fully so there is still time for the price of steem to recover.

Great article, @holovision!