1.5 inch car DVR - 1.5 inch car DVR with stellar night vision, GPS, and Wi-Fi d

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1.5 inch car DVR

1.5 inch car DVR with stellar night vision, GPS, and Wi-Fi d








Hunter's comment

Introducing the latest production for camera users in the rear Bumper section of the car.

The camera that I introduce this has some additional features that will allow you to control your car while doing backward motion backward, so with this additional ditur will be very useful for all users Personal car

The specifications you can see like the description below:

Key Specifications / Special Features:

DSP: NTK96658
FOV: 170 degrees
LCD: 1.5-inch screen
1728x1296 30FPS, 1920X1080 30FPS
Wi-Fi (optional)
GPS (optional)

Starlight night vision
Motion detection
Parking monitor




Hunter: @helmibireuen


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