Inuk - The Most Versatile Pocket-Size Video & Photo Support

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The Most Versatile Pocket-Size Video & Photo Support



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Hunter's comment

Do you need a tripod, a platform, bracket or clamp? Inuk replaces all those alternatives turning it into a pocket device with ease of use, versatility, lightness and the robustness of carbon fiber.

Inuk is the size of a mobile phone when folded, when opened it is capable of maintaining 1.5kg of cameras:

  • Action camera as: GoPro
  • Smartphones like: iPhone
  • VSLR


  • Lights
  • Flashes
  • Microphones

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I think this looks like a great piece of kit especially if you want to do video logs. I have been looking for something like this and it is good to see. Being lightweight and portable makes it ideal. Another good hunt.