Big Game - Eos blockchain based gaming platform earn BG token

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Big Game

Eos blockchain based gaming platform earn BG token



Hunter's comment

Big Game platform gives opportunity to earn BG eos Based token while playing a game like poker, hold Em , Dice , Lotto you need to be a smart and Tuff against your opponents to win this game use your smart mind win the game and get BG token which is easy to exchange against Eos.


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I like blockchain game 😀

Great hunt @healthexpert! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Wooo. I love playing this kind of gamble which is really need a strategy to win the game. Like poker and hold Em is one of my favorite :D

This game looks interesting although I have to admit. ive tried so many blockchain games and been dissapointed. Steem monsters is the only good game to come from cryptro. i'm surprised actually

I hope it isn't like every other blockchain games out there. I just checked it out and couldn't find something to attract me other than the rewards. They should start creating games people will play for fun without having rewards in mind. Rewards should be a bonus, the fun should come first.


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