Da Fit - Fitness tracker Application By CRREPA

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Da Fit

Fitness tracker Application By CRREPA



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Hunter's comment

Great application for the tracking of your health, fitness and sleep . consists of band which helps in vibrating when there is incoming call .

Pros :

  • Health is wealth and this app is like ( Gold ) for those who want to maintain their fitness
  • you can monitor the quality of your day and night sleep with this application
  • Band Helps in telling you about incoming calls

Cons :

The people who have used it complaining these :

  1. It doesn't connect with watch at once ( big problem ).
  2. Pedometer accuracy is not up to the mark not too good.
  3. Same Notification repeatedly poping up Untill you open your Mobile.




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There should be no compromise on your fitness & health. Normally people could not take care of their health as the busy life. "Da Fit" is a little bit helpful for people to notify them about any disorder in their health or fitness level, But I am afraid as this app has some lack so people complaining which effect on its reputation and marketing. Anyhow @hassanabid well effort.


Agreed with you because health is the only thing in the whole life without health life would be hell no one would compromise . And about complaints friend tell me any application who" never ever got any bad review " it's about how they take action on that particular problem and i hope they will surely do improvement in it 😉


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