Animal Monitoring & Tracking - Animal Tracking – Vox’s animal monitoring IoT application

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Animal Monitoring & Tracking

Animal Tracking – Vox’s animal monitoring IoT application



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Animal Tracking

  • Internet of Things
    Track the wellbeing and location of your livestock
    from your smartphone, tablet or PC

The sun might set each evening on your fields, but as any livestock farmer knows, the work doesn’t end there. Predators, animals wandering off or falling ill, birthing at all hours…. Livestock management is a complex, around-the-clock job, but no livestock farmer can be everywhere at once – until now. Manage your animals like never before with smart livestock collars. More money in your back pocket minimized operating costs, reduced animal losses, improved birthing success rates, and increased animal health and safety rates make the Vox Animal Tracker the tool every animal-owner can’t afford to be without. Here’s why:

Have a complete view of your animals anytime, anywhere
Virtually fence and track animals via GPS and geofencing
Gather crucial information to better manage heard your animal’s health and safety
Information delivered in a user-friendly app.


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I have a cat and sometimes she escape from home :) but i catch her up immediately. However everyone can not lucky like me about that. So we have to provide own prevention. And this app can help us about that. So we feel ourselves to be relax about that


This is a great way to find your cat, but this is not suitable for only a single or three cats, it used for many animals like 30 to 300 or more. Otherwise it will be expensive for you. Thank you for your beautiful comment.


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A wonderful tool all in one which can manage the whole scenario of animals like tracking and monitoring about their health and needs also track the lost ones. So it is very handy application we should say user friendly app so we can saw the whole activities on our smart device.

complete view of your animals anytime, anywhere
Virtually fence and track animals via GPS.


This is great way to manage and monitoring animal's. Thank you for your valuable comment.


@hasib077, you should wrote whole the lines in your own words and in short paragraphs, otherwise your post may be delist by moderator charging copy paste.
Also wrote exact name of product. "Vox Animal Tracker"

First time am going through your hunting post and i must confess, this is captivating. Wow, sometimes i keep wondering how this world will be without technology. Just take a look at how far we have gone with technology and on this day, you hunted something that took me by surprise.

For those into Animal rearing, this is a tool that has helped lessen their burden when it comes to how they will manage to cope with the issue of monitoring their animals.

We all know how stressful and tedious this work is, but we have no choice than to embark on the native way of rearing those animals, i.e monitoring them from foes and other related conditions.

Will be glad to have a test of this, although am not into such field but will love to recommend it so that others who are in same field can have a blend of what technology can do. At least, they can get that unique rest they want.

Technology is power

Nice hunt @hasib077


Yeah, bro, Thank you for your Important and impressive comment, it will help me to create more technological Blog.

Live-stock management is not that easy and at times it is quite tough depending upon the circumstances. But if you have vox monitoring iot application then it will make the things easy and organized. One can easily able to track and monitor based on GPS system and that is essential for the well being of the livestock and their health too. During adverse conditions one can act proactively and save the live stock from adversity. Now a days as everything is getting complex, you can not leave your live stock as that could result in loss and if you Vox app then I think the monitoing can get much easier and it is an awesome iot application.

Thank you and Have a great day.

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ha ha ha
effective product indeed. Actually, I am a chicken lover.
Could I monitor chicken with this @hasib077


Good question brother. But as far i know your chiken was in indoor. So i think you Don't need this tool.


Yeah. The chicken is a indoor bird, so I think its not required for your chicken.

nice, this will indeed helpful for people who have pets in their house. I also have parrots my cat I would love to use this for them. after all I care about them and I need to keep track their every activity as well as their health....

its super useful because it can support a lot of animals :thumbsup:. @sabari18, place it to your cats.


I am very grateful that, This product post helps people to manage their Animals.

Vox’s animal monitoring IoT application is best app to monitor your animals. now easy to watch anywhere anytime. Thats great.

Usually, the agriculture industry works on all those traditional and classic ways but it's nice to see there is some development too. But one issue may arise as many of farmers like in my country are not educated and they wouldn't be able to understand this app at the beginning but yes they can be trained, after all, it's for their own benefit.

It's a Amazing tool for Farmer. They can easily monitoring their animal Through using this application . Good hunt indeed.

would be great product for my friend who is having doggie 😉 would share with him too


That is my pleasure, Thank you for your Important comment.

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