Radsone Ear studio Receiver - An Affordable 24-Bit Bluetooth Receiver With Studio-Quality

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Radsone Ear studio Receiver

An Affordable 24-Bit Bluetooth Receiver With Studio-Quality



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Hunter's comment

Hello Hunters and #steemhunt Family Today I'm going to tell you about The Radsone Ear studio Bluetooth Receiver. Radsone Ear Studio Bluetooth Receiver Is a small size Thumb size Bluetooth Receiver that can be attached to your shirt or your jacket easily. You just need to pair it with your phone and plug your headphones in the air to enjoy 24-bit high-resolution audio, So it will give you premium Experience. There may be phone that don't support 24 bit high resolution, this device has the ability to convert any sound into 24 Bit high resolution audio sound.

It comes with two AK4375a DACs, with a signal path that goes directly to the output jack to ensure the signal is delivered without any loss or distortion. They even threw in analog volume control for the DACs, allowing you to lower the sound without any loss in quality.

  • Lossless USB
  • 14 Hours Playback
  • App Control




Hunter: @hairy


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  • Lossless USB.
  • Small in size
  • App Control
  • 14 Hours long time battery backup.


  • Not found any.

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Nice hunt mate!
I'm glad to know it's Ability to convert bad quality audio into higher quality. 14 hours Back up is a good backup and i can also attached it to my jacket and shirt very easily.

  • Pros.
Tiny in size
strong Connection
Long live battery.
App to control
  • Cons.

Nice hunt, @hairy! Love the idea of using my favourites headphones wirelessly. This one could be going on my wish list.



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