Paper Beast - Dreamlike journey in virtual reality

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Paper Beast

Dreamlike journey in virtual reality



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Paper Beast is a playful exploration game set in a colorful ecosystem born out of big data.

Paper Beast is there to take your gaming experience to all new level. You can play your game and enjoy real like experience using virtual reality.


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According to PG Games need to have an official site. Playstore, AppleStore, steam or other type of links are not accepted.

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@pitre I think you need to check it again, It's not a playstore link, It's a official play-station game and the link is official.

It may be a PS game but that doesn't mean the link is okey.

The official game page is this one:

So it will keep delisted. Please be aware of check your next hunts so you can use the proper links.

Good hunting day.

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