Cirrus Vision SF50 - Your Very own Private Jet

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Cirrus Vision SF50

Your Very own Private Jet



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HI Hunters!
The company claimed that after continuous working for 10 years, they have successful to built Cirrus Vision SF50, It's not likely like other plans that have comfortable section for you to take rest, It's like a car, that have the ability to fly. The plane is build for specifically 5 people,

The Cirrus Vision SF50 has a pair of seats out front for a pilot tandem, with two rows of seats immediately behind it (two in the middle and three in the back). It can fly at heights of 28,000 feet and cruise at 345 mph, with a maximum of range of 1,150 miles on a full tank of fuel. That means, you won’t be able to use it for intercontinental flights, but it should make for an excellent regional travel option.

Pricing for the Cirrus Vision SF50 starts at $2 million.



Hunter: @hairy

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It is a nice hunt. The revolutions in technology are meeting new heights. This is a plane with facilities and nice features. It's capable of reaching a normal height and a good speed. This will be used as private jets sooner or later.

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Truly a beautiful product You have made a change of how much new technology has changed us. It does not have to say that when a new product arrives in the market, all of us want to buy it, but I will say that you have done a very nice hunting thanks to you for such a nice hunting


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